Religion and morality are two different things.  However, it just so happens that apart from religion people tend to ignore morality.  Religion should be kept out of politics (as in not laws forcing you to go to church) but morality must be part of politics, otherwise why the hell is murder illegal?  Its sad that so many liberal Protestant idiots can’t see this distinction.  The government should ban pervert marriage and abortion, just as it has already banned murder and theft and perjury.  If they can impose three of the ten commandments on the populace, why not a few more?  That’s not “religion.”  Nobody is being told they have to be a Jew or a Christian; simply that their moral deviancy will not be tolerated. And one more thing. Really there needs to be a change in the welfare system that punishes unwed mothers and now with DNA testing the fathers too, by taking their children and then imposing heavy financially crushing fines on both parents. Without this our society is going to degenerate into nothing. No moral values are passed on to these kids by their fly-by-night parents, and its creating several up and coming generations of criminals with no empathy for their victims, like you see in the so-called “knock out game.”