There’s no point even debating the liberal idiots. You just give them a forum for their liberal screed when you do. The churches just need to start kicking them out so that a clear distinction arises between the liberal churches of Satan and the churches of God. Then see how long the liberal Satan churches even last. Without the integration of good conservative Christians and liberal Satanists into one church, liberal Satanist ‘Christianity’ loses all its allure. The whole point of it is that they can use it as a cover for righteousness before the truly righteous. Its a way for deviants to be considered ‘justified’ before the godly. If the godly cease buying it, and toss the liberals out, and the liberals have to make their own churches populated only by liberals, then the whole point of liberal ‘Christianity’ (being able to trick Christians into thinking you’re one of them when you aren’t, so that you can undermine them) will vanish, and along with it, the thing promulgating liberalism will vanish, and there will be a massive conservative renewal. Just quit playing tiddly-winks and footsies with them and throw them out on their duffs.

(The liberal/conservative divide here refers primarily to moral/social issues.  Every last Calvinist would fall on the liberal side since they reject freewill and thereby personal responsibility, and since they are general communistic scum.)