Calvinism derived its 3 classes ultimately from the 3 classes in Valentinian Gnosticism (see Ireneaus’ five books Against Heresies):

1. Pneumatics (spirituals) – The elect of the elect.
2. Psuchics (soulys) – The average elect.
3. Hylics (carnals) – The non-elect.

Meaning, the Hylics have no chance. As for the Psuchics, they are (as Paul Dohse puts it in his explanation of Calvinism) “entered into the race” but not given “the gift of perseverance.” And the Pneumatics, of course, are elect to the uttermost, meaning nothing they do can damn them.

So long as anyone believes in any form of individual election rather than corporate election (the church or Christ alone is elect, so get in him) they teach a false gospel that asserts that nothing is real, that God is Mr. Rogers, and that we are just sock puppets.