“Traditionalists is a new word for age-old anti-semitism.” (Kristen Annieka) [comment from this youtube video]

[My comment:]

If saying people have to be in your religion or they are wrong is racist, then the orthodox Jews are the worst of racists.  But racism is when you hate a race, and anti-semitism is when you want to attack physically or wipe out the Jews, not when you say that Jews like everyone else need to become Christians to be saved.

After all, reality will show that no form of Judaism today stands up to perversion (abortion and homosexuality especially) whereas at least half of Christendom does.  Judaism lacks moral force, and what could you expect really from a religion that has to read a book that is abrogated [with no valid supplement or explanation for why this is the case] and even they must admit it? “This shall be an everlasting statue throughout all your generations” the Torah says, and yet even the Jews admit they aren’t keeping those statues and that they cannot keep them today.  So they admit their religion is dead.  And they proceed from that point to disseminate atheism (“How can we believe in God after he let 6million Jews die in the holocaust?”) and promote homosexuality by sending their rabbis to march in gay-pride parades (at least the Reform Jews go that far with it).

I’m not Catholic [I had to say this since I was commenting on a video about the recent schism in Catholicism], but technically Protestant if you follow the formula of not-Catholic = Protestant, howbeit I don’t believe in Sola Fide [i.e. Calvinism, OSAS, Sola Fide in sanctification, i.e. antinomianism]….but the point is, there is nothing anti-semitic in pointing out that modern Judaism is a failed religion with no moral force and no ability to save anyone even in a basic sense of giving them a higher morality than they had as outright pagans.  Not only that, but if you convert to orthodox Judaism, you are forever ostracized for not having been born Jewish, whereas in Christianity (whether Catholic or Protestant) every convert is accepted fully as soon as they confess their faith in Christ and are baptized (in denominations that require baptism).

Christianity is superior in so many ways, and it would be ludicrous to pretend otherwise.  Even ask a Jew like Rabbi Asher Meza who rejects Christianity completely [referring to it as “idolatry”], and yet when someone comes to him depressed and wanting to get to know God to get out of their depression, he sends them to church because he says (see his youtube videos, particularly In Defense of Christians!, see around the 17-minute mark) that if he sent them to an orthodox Jewish synagogue they would be so discriminated against that they would commit suicide! but the church will accept them fully.

[Ok, maybe Meza’s form of Judaism has some ethical force.]