Today, Catholics are worried about a One World Church emerging under the auspices of the United Nations.  Their fear is very much that the Novus Ordo Catholic church (the post Vatican II RCC) will merge with the Novus Ordo Seclorum (the New World Order).  Now, everyone is worried about the New World Order implementing a One World Religion.   But its ironic to some extent that Catholics are among those worried.

Pope enthroned at the United Nations

Pope enthroned at the United Nations

There is a small discussion of this on a Catholic blog called The Biblical False Prophet Has Arrived: Cardinal Bergoglio – “Pope Francis”, where a perceptive question is asked by hopeful_watcher:

Scripture is clear that the antichrist will succeed in making the one world church come to fruition. And yet Catholic end times beliefs are that the Catholic church will be revitalized into a single church when Christ returns.

How does one differentiate between the one world religion of the antichrist and the one world church that the catholic church says will be revitalized when Jesus returns? Could they not be one in the same or does Catholicism go against Scripture and say the antichrist won’t succeed in building his one world church?

That’s a good question.  The very word “Catholic” essentially means “one world,” and every since Constantine this entity has been trying to make itself the “one world church.”   The book of Revelation talks about a woman giving birth to a child and the dragon pursuing her, and she flees into the wilderness and the earth helping her so that she will survive. That is the true church, which is a grass roots church with no hierarchy, which therefore retains its doctrine because there is no “infallible” tyrant granted authority to change it and no “Vatican II’s” to corrupt it.  The one world church, the Catholic church, has always been the agent of the dragon in rooting out this true church, and the hierarchical Protestant churches have never been anything but the dragon’s henchmen in assisting the one world church in destroying the true church.

It is inevitable that the Catholic church will once again merge with an Empire.  This time the UN rather than Rome.  And it is inevitable that it will absorb in all the hierarchical Protestant churches.  All their hierarchies will vote to rejoin the Catholic church, even if it has to be a vote against the will of their parishioners.  Only the grass-roots non-hierarchical church will stand firm….after all, they have no hierarchy to vote them into the whore of Babylon. And obviously the people themselves will not want to join.

By the way, Pope Pius XII precedes Vatican II. He died in 1958 (and Vatican II began in 1962). Yet you see him there enthroned at the United Nations.  This means, very simply, that any Catholic who thinks a merger between the RCC and the UN is a post-Vatican II thing, part of a corrupt Vatican II church, is clueless.  The RCC has been planning this a long time.