There is a new post from the fake-Arminian-in-chief, Roger Olsen, who is really a crypto-Calvinist, called The Most Pernicious and Pervasive Heresy in American Christianity.  I posted two comments on it which I don’t expect to see the light of day, since I know how Calvinists operate.  So here they are.  The blockquotes are quotes from his article:

For the typical Protestant church member middle class commitments to family, career, and standard of living are so strong that the church commitment is largely instrumental to them and contingent on whether the church appears to serve them. As a result, many local churches tend to become instruments for achieving middle class interests, whether or not these interests can be defended in New Testament terms.

Of course there are many exceptions, but, in my experience, they are rare. Most American “church people” look for a church that will entertain and comfort them. As soon as it challenges their most basic values and lifestyles, they either protest or leave.

Are you sure the “heresy” is not the thing that is challenging ”their most basic values and lifestyles”? What does that even mean? I can think of a few things:

1. The pastor challenges them to stop believing they should care for their families by working, and tells them to get on the government teat, i.e. welfare. Tells them that “if a man will not work he should not eat” (the apostle Paul said that) is wrong, and that they should stop working but keep eating on someone else’ dime.

2. The pastor tells them Christianity is all about giving your money away TO THE WICKED so that they can use it to destroy society and overmaster it. Not much different than number 1, except in this scenario rather than asking the parishoners to stop working themselves, he’s asking them to keep working but feed those who refuse to work and instead smoke marijuana, drink beer, watch TV, and have pre-marital or extra-marital sex all day when they should be at work working for a living.

3. The pastor tells them they cannot judge sin.

In all three of these cases the pastor is a heretic and the “middle class interests” being preserved are the mandates of God’s Holy Word.

Can we give the heresy a name? I think so: the desire for respectability and domestication of the gospel and the church. If you need a single word, then I suggest “respectabilism.” We want our churches to be respectable.

Oh perish the thought that someone might want a pastor whose life is clean, who doesn’t preach pornographic sermons like your hero Mark Driscoll and doesn’t swear, doesn’t have tattoos, and doesn’t glorify comitting sin as the goal of Christianity and belittle living right as evil. How horrible for American church people to be church people, and not want their children doing sinful things, and to not want a fitlhy Calvinist (or limp-wristing “Arminian” who is nothing but a Calvinist in disguise) pastor who calls good evil and evil good. How horrible that they want their children to have a “boring testimony” rather than to raise them to be sex maniacs and drug addicts early in life so their testimony can be “exciting” to the reprobates and perverts who tend to run churches these days. Oh my, how horrible “church people” are! You sound like that filthy reprobate Francis Chan who accuses anyone who doesn’t curse like a sailor as not believing in Jesus. But God knows who are his and who are not, and he knows none of those who teach this “sanctified sin” Christianity taught by the Calvinists (whether open ones or lying ones who claim to be Arminians) will go anywhere after death but the lowest pits of hell.