After viewing Paul Dohse’s video on the book Uneclipsing the Son (called Calvinism’s Gnostic View of the Trinity; 17 minutes) I did a search for other blog posts about the same book, and I found a post on a Calvinist blog called Resolution 28 (called Book Review: “Uneclipsing the Son” by Rick Holland) which begins as follows:

Recommended. I don’t understand the gospel well enough. For all the study I do, I still take the gospel for granted like it’s a “get out of jail free” card to use at my own discretion. I fail to realize my utter sinfulness in so many areas of life; and yet, I nor any other Christian should be confortable with our degree of faith for one, because none of us can anticipate the amount of faith we’ll need for incoming trials.

That phrase “I fail to realize my utter sinfulness in so many areas of life;” made me instantly think the following:

The gospel is not about dwelling on your own sinfulness. That’s what the Gnostic heretics at Thyatira did!  Jesus accuses them of “contemplating the depths of Satan, as they call it.” (Revelation 2:24)  That is, in other words, they taught that salvation depends upon dwelling on your own sinfulness and so-called “total depravity” (yes, that’s a Gnostic doctrine).

But the gospel is about moving on from sinfulness to obedience. We were set free from sin by God so that we may become servants of righteousness, as Paul says in Romans 6:18 “Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.” So rather than sitting around contemplating the depths of Satan like Gnostic morons, we’re supposed to be moving on to yield our members as servants unto righteousness.