An ex-Calvinist confession.

The Usual Foolishness

Calvinism is evil.

It is of course possible to be a Calvinist and a Christian, because it’s always possible to be a Christian who’s wrong, but it’s impossible to embrace Calvinism without abandoning Christ.  If you consistently and deliberately choose to believe what Calvinism teaches, you will leave Christ behind in favor of the darker, smaller, weaker, pettier God that Calvin helped invent.  Perhaps you will even think this is a good thing.  After all, if you blaspheme Christ enough, you probably stop wanting him around.

For a while I worked in a Calvinist school.  There were any number of problems with the arrangement–my own complete lack of teaching experience being among them–but it was also the scene of one of my worst moral failures.  There was a moment that required courage, but I didn’t seize it.  I didn’t want to lose my job.  In that moment I participated in…

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