This guy argues that not only was John Paul II an antichrist, but he is the antichrist, and that his canonization will usher in the worship of the image of the beast.

“Pope John Paul II, left, and Pope John XXIII will be canonized on April 27, 2014.” (NY Times: Francis Sets a Date in April for 2 Popes to Become Saints)

It will be interesting to see what happens around that time.  For Catholics apparently the beatification is only an approval that a “cult” can grow around a particular person without the Vatican opposing it.  JPII was already beatified in the RCC.  But the canonization coming at the end of April is apparently a mandate that now all Catholics must venerate/worship JPII.

So when that happens, is it the fulfillment of the worship of the image of the beat mentioned in the book of Revelation?  That’s what the Catholic who made the video is arguing.  But it only works if some governmental entity (the UN?) forces everyone, not just Catholics, to worship JPII.  If its only a cult within the RCC its hard to see how this is any different from any other image of a false saint who is already venerated/worshiped in the RCC.  If there is any difference, its only that this one we saw alive and the others died so long ago, or perhaps his Satanic actions (like sitting in the chair with the upsidedown cross and drinking in some Pagan ritual) are more well known to us because he was a contemporary (whereas the other bad “saints” of the RCC have their evil deeds long forgotten, by men at least).  Or is it because video exists of him and not of them?   The rationale for claiming this is the one, this is the antichrist himself, is a little thin.   But he unquestionably was an antichrist (as to a greater or lesser extent all the RCC’s popes are).