This video is so very Catholic, but interesting nonetheless.

He shows that the woman sitting on the beast is now a symbol of the European Union…very interesting….

I still think the mark of the beast is a microchip.

The Catholic who made the video claims that all of the destruction wreaked on the RCC by the last 7 popes, and now Francis, proves that the RCC is/was the true church before them….but that’s a pretty lame argument.  The fact is the RCC has always been the harlot sitting on the beast.  Even before the EU came about, Rome was sitting on Europe, and Rome has always been a harlot.  And the popes have always been mixed up with some kind of beast, even before they got (or will get) mixed up with the final beast.

One more point. In this video this Catholic calls Russia the “great red dragon,” but in the book of Revelation the great red dragon is the devil himself, not a nation.  This throws a monkey-wrench in this guy’s whole presentation.