If your church is on this list, you should start looking for a new one.  The Roman Catholic church may not be listed there, but it is a member of this organization too (even if it is a clandestine behind-the-scenes founding member), and pope Francis recently addressed the pope (I mean, Secretary General) of the World Council of Churches and a delegation.  The WCC is all about “peace,” or in other words, the suppression of moral standards, and “climate justice,” that is, stealing your money to fund homosexual propaganda but saying its to stop global warming.

WCC general secretary shares with pope aspirations for “unity,” “justice” and “peace.”

I didn’t read the whole thing, but this article will give you a sense of the sort of stuff the WCC is into.  Some of it, like having Aboriginal pagan medicinemen dance around and perform their pagan ceremonies, reminds me of the Vatican II RCC and JPII in particular.

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