The ESV has been a confusing translation for many.  I don’t mean the translation itself confuses them.  Rather, the fact that the Calvinists are all switching to it en masse, and yet it doesn’t display that heavy of a Calvinist bias, well, that’s really been confusing people every since it first came out.

There’s got to be a gimmick.  John Piper endorsed the thing, as did several other Calvinist overlords, including Driscoll.  There’s got to be a game-plan here, so what is it?

I think the plan is to eventually pull a switcheroo like the NIV and NASB did.  They “updated” these versions, stopped printing the older editions, and you were stuck with the updates. You liked the pre-1995 NASB?  Too bad.  Doesn’t exist anymore.  You liked the 1984 NIV?  Well, better build yourself a time-machine!

If the ESV updates a few years from now to have a more pronounced Calvinist bias, you’ll buy the new “updated” ESV at that time to replace your worn out copy, and won’t realize it for a while.  And their hope is you’ll simply overlook and be hoodwinked and tricked by the “update” into becoming a Calvinist.  That’s their master-plan.

Sneaky sneaky sir.