From this post I ended up at the actual article, Austin Fischer’s Response to John Piper’s Criticism of His (Austin Fischer’s) Book about Leaving Calvinism.

The quoted paragraph below was the first thing that caught my eye, and it set me off on a rant that I posted in the comment box of the site that had led me to the article.

My rant:


Bah. Too much political correctness and wishy washiness. Grow a set Arminians. [Please excuse my Driscollian-Calvinist terminology there.] I mean seriously. You guys are the most limp-wristed mealy-mouthed people on earth.

The nub of the issue is this: I don’t think Edwards or Piper think God is a black hole that needs human worship (a vacuum cleaner, as Piper says)—period, honest to God, cross my heart, scout’s honor.

Then you’re an idiot, because that’s exactly what they believe, and everything they say points in that direction.

When you take to defending your enemies in their very attacks on you, you are committing suicide. Piper all but admits that he thinks God is a scared little woose who can’t dare create a world with people who have freewill because he’s afraid someone with real choice might reject him and that would make him have a nervous breakdown, so Piper’s woosey god creates a world of robots to spare his paper-thin ego. And what should an Arminian do with this? Deny that Piper said what he said? Defend Piper by lying and saying he doesn’t believe what he claims to believe? Why would you do that? Are you retarded?

I know obviously you aren’t the person that wrote the article, but since they don’t have comments enabled, you get to hear my rant.


It actually turns out that the original source is and comments are enabled.  So I’ve posted my rant over there.