Zondervan has its own translation, several of them. So does Holman, the HCSB. And they want to kill off the KJV, apparently. Its obvious by the fact that they only publish the KJV in the hideous verse-by-verse format and with the atrocious “self-pronouncing system” that makes you stumble when reading. I know how to pronounce Jesus guys. You don’t need print it as Je’sus. I mean, really. But see, this is the plot. They believe that if they print only KJVs with the hideous “self-pronouncing system” in the atrociously hard to read verse-by-verse format (Rather than in paragraphs) that we will all just stop using the KJV. Their plan hasn’t worked yet, and I can guarantee that its not going to work. Someday a publisher will arise that will format the KJV sensibly, and it will put the both of them out of business where they belong.