Every President since Ronaldus Magnus (or probably even before) has bemoaned that the U.S. is behind the rest of the world in math and science. No wonder! If all you teach the young skulls full of mush in the science classroom is that they came from a monkey, how the hell do you expect them to be anything but behind in science?  Atheist metaphysics and mythology have no more a place in the “science” classroom than creationism: There’s no reason to deal with the origin of the universe or of life in science, which should be a practical discipline, not the bastard love-child of history and philosophy.  Let science teach how to do something useful, and let philosophers ponder the origins of the universe. Quit calling this abominable mixture of the practical with the fanciful “science.”

This rant brought to you by my immediate thoughts on reading “Kirsten Powers: When a Liberal is Almost Right About God and Politics” at Paul’s Passing Thoughts.