I found a quote today by a guy named Andrew Fuller (a Calvinist Baptist) who once said “Had matters had gone on but a few years the Baptists would have become a perfect dunghill in society.”

Most sites claim he meant that if Baptists had not moderated their Calvinism a bit, they would have become a perfect dunghill (See this url for example). The Andrew Fuller Center, however, says that Fuller never moderated his Calvinism at all and that this isn’t what he was talking about (see here).

In any case, from my perspective, the Baptists have been a perfect dunghill on society all my life, and certainly longer.  In fact “dunghill” sounds too tame to be accurate.

This denomination calling itself Baptist opposes baptism, teaches once saved always saved and faith alone in both justification and sanctification, takes a dump on morality….its a putrid cesspool of antichristian hogwash.  And they’re always speaking out of two sides of their mouth.  Yes, sometimes they preach against sin, like saying homosexuality is a sin, but out of the other side of their mouth comes “but you can live in that sin and be saved because of faith alone and once saved always saved.”   Yes, they are a dunghill, and its not just because of Calvinism.  Even the Arminian Baptists are a dunghill, because they teach faith alone and once saved always saved, born that way, born a sinner…the perfect storm of Satanic doctrines that destroys the moral fabric of society.  And then on top of that, with their opposition to baptism, they prevent countless supposed believers from getting baptized, and thus from ever receiving the remission of sins and the Holy Ghost per Acts 2:38 “Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus every one of you, for the remission of sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”  Yes, they’re a perfect dunghill indeed.

Now I must cry out in words similar to those of Paul in Romans 7:24,

O wretched society that we are! Who will deliver us from this denomination of death?