“When someone is presented with the gospel and asked to respond, is that person really free to accept or reject the message?” (rtjones)

Duh. To suggest otherwise is to say that the whole universe is a fake, a sham. Its to say that God is some insane little loser in his mommy’s basement playing with sock-puppets to impress himself. If there is no freewill, there is no God. This is why Calvinism tends toward atheism and the more Calvinism that exists in a society, the more atheism you get along with it. Why did Europe go atheist after the Reformation? Duh. Calvinism. The State Churches forced it down people’s throats, persecuting and burning at the stake anyone who rejected it. As a result of being forced to believe in Calvinism, or die, people became atheists. After the resurgence of Calvinism began in the US (i.e. New Calvinism), we all of the sudden got New Atheism, a more virulent and loud-mouthed strain of atheism, an atheism exactly matching the Calvinism that spawned it, so far as its arrogance and its appeal to angry teenagers. Why does it seem like the same people are in both movements? Because they are. They pass from Christianity into New Calvinism, then out the door into New Atheism.