I’ve decided that from now on when discussing Calvinism with anyone from the SBC I’m going to refer to hell exclusively as Satan’s Geneva.  (Why limit it to the SBC?)

I mean I will say things like: It won’t be long before Piper and Al Mohler join the Calvinists who’ve gone before in Satan’s Geneva.  Who will lead the troops after that? Driscoll?

I can’t think of a better way for anyone to show their disgust with Calvinism without having to debate the point ad nauseum.

[This is not a threat of any sort against anyone’s life, NSA! Piper is 68 years old. I thought Mohler is older than he is, but he’s only in his 50s. Anyway, they’re still not spring chickens, so the Calvinist movement in the SBC and in generally will be in need of a new head probably within the next 20 years at most.]