I posted this as a comment on Calvinist sympathizer watch, so I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day (due to the Paul comment):

This is an issue on which I’m deeply divided with myself. I despise Paul so naturally I should question a doctrine that comes only from him. Yet, I wonder if women taking positions of leadership isn’t why homosexuality is becoming accepted in society, because women are just too soft on sin. Then I think of my mother, who would have made the best hell fire and brimstone preacher of all time if only our church let women in the pulpit. So, I’m torn. What do do? Jesus had no women apostles, yet women were the first to see him raised from the dead, and thus to preach the resurrection TO the apostles….hmmmm…..

There is certainly the fact that theology has more to do with softness on sin than gender. Calvinist and faith-alonist types are always soft on sin, even the ones who think they are manly men (you know, that effeminate jerk Driscoll, who thinks he’s so macho but runs like a scared little girl when anyone says “holiness”). That’s why my mother would make such a great fire and brimstone preacher: she’s not infected with the least taint of faith-alonism. But she believes Paul is inspired, so she’d never dream of entering the pulpit. But that doesn’t stop her from preaching at me. 🙂

Also from that article on Wartburg Watch:

…I remember a conversation with a woman who was seeking ordination. The all male leaders of her church told her, “Sister, with all due respect, you must have made a mistake because God don’t call no women to preach.” She replied, “Brothers, with all due respect, if you are right, then God must have made a mistake, because I am a woman, and he’s done gone and called me

Hogwash. God does’t call anyone.  That’s Calvinism.  Where’s the Bible say God calls preachers? That gives them an authority that God never intended they should have.  Preachers are just regular people with a Bible in hand, not God appointed prophets.  ANYONE, MAN OR WOMAN, WHO CLAIMS A DIRECT CALLING FROM GOD, SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BE ALLOWED IN THE PULPIT, LIKE EVER….PERIOD.

The Calvinists will, of course, counter with Hebrews 5:4

And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.

But that’s not about modern preachers.  That’s about the High Priest under the Old Testament.  Learn to read in context.  Its an important skill.