If you frequent Paul’s Passing Thoughts, you got to watch Program 5 of the Gnostic Watch Weekly series. It was a really great video. I like how it was so cozy and personal.  Not heavy hitting anti-Calvinism, just a friendly discussion of what all’s going on, and how the internet helps study the Bible.  Its very much a proof that Paul D is not on the defensive with the Calvinists. He’s already defeated them, and now he can take it slow and just tell personal anecdotes. He’s already crushed ’em beneath his fee.

Some of my thoughts, triggered by things said in the video:

  1. Calvinists don’t use the word “cult” right. By “cult” they only mean non-Trinitarian group.  Because a group is non-Trinitarian does that make them controlling automatically? More likely to go the other way, really.
  2. Truly anonymous commenting where someone’s name shows as “anonymous” is annoying; pseudonomimous is the rule on the internet.
  3. Just because they graduated from seminary doesn’t mean they know the languages either.  Especially when it comes to vocabulary.  I remember seeing a quiz of seminarians asking for just basic vocab, and they bombed it bad. If you’ve got an interlinear, a lexicon, and a Greek grammar book, and you study them, you know as much as they do.
  4. The point that the NT wasn’t really necessarily all originally written in Greek is interesting. Its something I’ve been thinking about on Galatians; the Galatians had their own language called Galatian, and I’ve been pondering the possibility that Galatians was originally written in it. I think that Galatians being originally written in Galatian, and Romans in Latin, might go a long way to explain some of the oddities in those two epistles versus the rest of the Pauline corpus.