The Calvinists (gracerandywriter in particular) want to play a game of making a distincion between philosophical, theological (and whatever other adjective they can put in front of) determinism. But it doesn’t fool anyone but themselves.

Fatalism is fatalism. A horse is a horse of course of course.

They think they’re so smart with their distinctions without difference.  They think they can trick God with their academic distinctions.  Sorry, but in case you never heard it, he is infinite in wisdom.

Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. (Psalm 147:5 KJV)

Our Lord is great and has awesome power;
there is no limit to his wisdom. (Psalm 147:5 NET)

See Randy’s post called a determinist god, in which he says:

From time to time, people who believe in the almighty “free will” of the fallen sinner have accused me of believing in a “deterministic God.” I want to go on record here and confess that I indeed hold to such a belief. By that I do not mean that God causes and is responsible for all my actions. God is not the great puppeteer, and I am not a sock puppet. He does not need to cause me to sin since I continue to do such a good job of sinning by myself, but in his infinite wisdom he has taken even my rebellion into account and governs it so that it will ultimately bring glory to him and eternal and spiritual good to me.

In other words, translating this jibberish into English: “I believe in a determinist god but I deny believing in determinism.” When I called him on this, he said:

I did not state that I don’t believe in determinism. I believe God has determined [not actively caused] everything that occurs. If you believed the Scriptures, you would believe that too. I stated that philosophical determinism is not the issue and it isn’t. From all my exposure to you I have concluded that you are too ignorant to merit any of my attention.

So the games begin. They think they can blaspheme God and call him the author of sin, but somehow he won’t notice it because they have these “fine” pseudo-philosophical distinctions they’ve invented.  They think they can add a lying bracketed phrase to distinguish between “determined” and “actively caused.”  They are the most deluded of idiots on the face of the earth.  Do they really believe God is so stupid that he can’t see through this?  If I’m not that stupid, then certainly God isn’t.