I just found a really interesting article on a site called Jesus’ Words Only, and the article is called Reformation Doubts About Paul.

According to the article, Martin Luther himself (the greatest Paul worshiper of all time, second only to Marcion) said the following in his commentary on Galatians 3:16 where Paul gives the ungrammatical argument that “seed” is singular (which is not true in English nor Hebrew) and therefore must refer exclusively to Christ and not the children of Israel:

My dear brother Paul, this argument won’t stick.

Lol. Even Luther could see that?  That’s pretty amazing considering how drunk he stayed.

The article goes on to claim that Luther towards the end of his life tried to limit faith alonism a bit, to roll back some of the damage he had done, resulting in the double justification doctrine (initial justification by faith alone, final justification by works, i.e. what NT Wright teaches today). But after Melancthon, Luther’s successor, died, people went back to full-on crazy faith alonism. Interesting.

See Paul D, that’s how it goes when you try to control Paul.  I’ve seen it over and over.  You have a congregation that’s perfectly Christian, obeying Jesus and all, and then somebody reads Romans or Galatians and starts teaching Calvinism, faith alonism, its Ok to fornicate since Paul says “all things are lawful” so fornication is lawful, just not expedient because Paul says “but all things are not expedient.”   This is what happened to Marcion, after all, as Tertullian reports it, he “discovered Galatians” and it was all downhill from there. You have to reject the Benjamite Wolf, not just put him on a chain: he’ll always get loose from the chain.  You’ve got to reject him, not just apply some fancy expository techniques to limit the damage he can cause.  Because nice little distinctions you make will be ignored by your hearers. And if not in your lifetime, as soon as you die.