Just wanted to share a gospel harmony that I found which strives to stay in line with the chronologies of Matthew and John without transposing them (except in just a few places).   That is, most harmonies assume Luke’s chronology is right and therefore make major transpositions of Matthew’s material and sometimes of John’s as well.  But this one takes the position that Matthew’s gospel has the correct chronology, and it mixes in John’s gospel in order with that, transposing Mark and Luke to fit with them.

This is the columnar harmony: Lant Carpenter’s Apostolical Harmony (1838 edition)

Later on a “Monotessaron” or mixing of the four gospels into one narrative was created based on the columnar harmony: Lant Carpenter’s Monotessaron (1851 edition)

These may be of interest to someone in their quest to be a disciple, a student, of Christ himself.