This is an index for the various posts (mostly not written yet) answering the question of Christianity’s viability without Paul.  What I mean by that is that whenever anyone suggests that Paul is a false apostle or that he can or should be rejected by Christians, the “orthodox” get up in arms suggesting various things about Christianity that will fall apart without the uber-apostle Paul.  The posts in this series show that these are just strawman arguments that orthodox Paulinism makes against Jesus himself.

  1. Would we know about “grace” without Paul?
  2. Would we know Gentiles don’t need to be circumcised to be saved without Paul?
  3. Without Paul would we know how to run a church? aka: Jesus’ “you have one master, even Christ, and you are all brethren” vs Paul’s “obey your rulers/leaders” and “submit” type rhetoric
  4. Does Jesus teach that we are his body?
  5. God’s finite Law of actual commandments or Paul’s infinite thought-crime legislation?

If you have a challenge, “without Paul we wouldn’t know…” let me know, and I’ll make an article on it. For now, I think the two I have cover basically everything other than church governance, but most Protestant churches already ignore Paul’s rules for that in the Pastorals, and the Catholic church certainly does!