I don’t actually have anything to say on this video yet. Its almost 45 minutes long and I’ve only got to about the 14 minute mark as of yet. I guess I’ll watch the rest at some point this week. When I finish it, I might have something to say. (Well, there’s my comment on the video there at youtube, but that’s just a response to someone I presume is a Calvinist who attacks NT Wright simply for saying that Christian character matters.) The title of the video is interesting: After you Believe: Why Christian Character Matters.  Sounds promising, depending on where he goes with it.

Ok, I’m at about the 28 minute mark and he said something that really tickled me. Tehe.

He does his Paulinist disclaimer around the 34 minute mark, although he undermines it right afterwards in his sneaky way.

36 minutes: “All the fruit of the spirit is easily counterfeited in happy healthy young people, except self-control.”  Its an interesting statement.  Yet, can anyone truly be happy without self-control?  Not for long.  Same goes for health too, ultimately.

Maybe something to discuss is who did the better job on promoting Christian character, Tom Wright, or Bizzle? Lol.