The question was asked on Paul’s Passing Thoughts, How Should We Present the Gospel?

My answer:

Its simple: We sinned. No amount of keeping the law in the future can erase past sin. Jesus died to provide the ability to erase past sin, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So we believing in him, in his sacrifice, and we repent of our sins, confess our belief, and get baptized for the remission/forgiveness of sins in his name, and just as he was raised by the glory of the Father we rise a new creature to walk in newness of life. Now we’re a Christian and we live the Christian life, and we forget all of Paul’s “by faith not by works” rhetoric and explain why we don’t have to be circumcized to be saved by saying “this is the NEW covenant and so the terms of entrance are different: i.e. believer’s baptism not baby circumcision: the end.” Amen, and Amen, and anyone who believes the GOSPELS says Amen. Amen.

You see all the “faith vs works” stuff is just Paul trying to explain why we don’t have to be circumcized, but he explains it WRONG.  The reason we don’t have to be circumcized is that’s the terms of entrance (for males) into the Old Covenant.  But this is the NEW Covenant, and the terms of entrance are different.  When Jesus gave the great commission, whether we are talking about Matthew 28 or Mark 16, he said people have to BELIEVE and GET BAPTIZED and he mentions nothing about circumcision, even when clearly speaking of the Gentiles, for he says “Preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE” and “EVERY NATION” and yet no mention of circumcision.  So Paul’s reasoning on “why” we don’t have to be circumcized is not only WRONG HEADED, completely WRONG HEADED, but also UNNECESSARY.  We have a much better explanation from the Son of God Himself, and that is: THIS IS A DIFFERENT COVENANT, DUH!!!!