Why doesn’t anyone make a vest-pocket sized harmony of the gospels?  I have one very large 9 x 12 x 1 inch harmony (KJV), and another in Greek that’s probably 6 x 10 x 1. Both are farily old with some binding issues, so I’m looking to buy a new one….but this time I’d really like a vest-pocket one.  Its not like it isn’t possible to do.  They print the whole New Testament in vest-pocket size.  Its not like all 4 gospels, even arranged side-by-side, take more paper than the whole New Testament including the loquacious Paulina.  In fact, I’d even be fine with a 3-gospel harmony that only included the synoptics….but there really isn’t a space issue here.  Its simply an issue of the powers that be in Protestantism hating the gospels, I believe.  If people had a handy pocketable life of Christ to carry around, well, they might just stop listening to the spouter of lies and his faith alonism.  We can’t have that now, can we?

“So my Protestant minions” saith the high priest of Paal “hate on gospel harmonies every chance you get.  Accuse the very idea of harmonizing the gospels as being illegitimate. Belittle anyone who wants a gospel-book (like what so many ancient manuscripts of the gospels are) of heresy. Tell them its a sin to have a book which only houses the 4 gospels between its covers, for the one and only true God is Paal who told us we must be lazy spiritual layabouts to be saved. Go forth my flying monkeys and spread the word of Paal!”