On Paul’s Passing Thoughts there is this new post, If the law informs our sanctification, shouldn’t we follow Old Testament law?

It deals with a claim that I’m sure we’ve all encountered before. Namely that the Messianic Jews say Christians should keep the 7 festivals of the Law of Moses, which they have redubbed “Messianic feasts.”

So how would you prove from the New Testament that this is not necessary? Paul Dohse attempts to prove by Galatians that it is not necessary in sanctification…but wait, the epistular “Paul” makes a distinction between justification and sancitifcation and really only addresses this question with respect to justification, so it turns out to be an epic fail on Dohse’s part.  It certainly would not convince a Messianic Jew. Its so long, first of all.  And secondly, I don’t see how much of it even relates to the point at hand. What he quotes from the gospels is much more on point than what he quotes from Mr. Epistular (i.e. the epistular “Paul”), and yet even what he quotes from the gospels could be used against him by the Messianic Jews easily.

Below is my answer, which I also posted as a comment over there.  Here I correct a typo, namely forgetting to put my air quotes around Paul in the phrase epistular “Paul.”

This is where Lukan theology smashes so-called Pauline theology into the dust. Luke gives the answer to this in Acts. First, he makes no distinction between justification and sanctification. Second, he shows that we only need concern ourselves with the moral law, abstaining from idolatry, and not eating blood or “things strangled” (i.e. roadkill). Because Luke makes no distinction between justification and sanctification, this just applies overall. So do we need to keep Old Testament law? Aside from those things, no. Period. Done. But with the epistular “Paul,” we wander around our [whole] lifetime in a maze because he was a smoking crack and couldn’t come up with a consistent answer on anything.

One more comment:

“I have a friend who was Baptist and now is a Messianic Hebrew….” Wait, before even reading the next sentence…why? Why would anyone even subject themselves to something like this? Because of the non-sense of the “Pauline” epistles. They see this as their only escape from the madness of the epistular “Paul” and his Gnosticism. But they have gone too far in their attempt to escape the epistular “Paul” because they should have gone to Acts 15 not Leviticus.

People see that there is something wrong with the Mr. Epistular’s doctrine on the Law, but his extremism sometimes makes them go too far in the opposite extreme.  The middle view between the idea that Christians must keep the ceremonial law (i.e. the Messianic Jew view), and the view that Christians must not keep any of the Law (the epistular “Paul”‘s view) is Luke’s view, or rather the view of the real apostles, as outlined in Acts 15, that we only need keep the moral law, abstaining from idolatry, and not eating blood or roadkill.