The Calvinist blogosphere is asking the question: What to make of popular Calvinist teacher and author Francis Chan speaking at IHOP (International House of Pancakes)? Some are praising Chan’s bravery, others are saddened and alarmed at his love of pancakes. Chan did not comment publicly about why he chose to eat the fruitiest pancakes available, nor did he explain his position on the controversy swirling over the alarming new maple syrup.

Ok, that was obviously a joke. If you even care about this year old story (I don’t) then click the following link to see the real article: What to make of the Francis Chan/IHOP union.

I just got the urge to lookup “Pope Francis” on google to see what boneheaded things he’s been saying lately, and the thought occurred to me to also lookup “Francis Chan and Pope Francis” to see if these two deceivers have been teaming up any, and up came this article (which makes no mention of Pope Francis, by the way). So I thought I’d share some pancake humor at IHOP’s expense.