The continuing anti-catholic rhetoric from Pope Francis is amusing, and yet scary.  Its amusing because it demolishes the smugness of Catholics pushing papal infallibility (at least the smugness of those with any sense).   But its scary because it means the NWO and NWO church is drawing nigh.

In case you didn’t realize it, Vatican II is as relevant for Protestants as for Catholics.  There were many Protestant theologians at Vatican II.  Catholics are just now realizing that Vatican II Protestantized the Catholic church.  But how or why would that happen?

Well, just as soon as Vatican II was over, the Protestant churches dropped their traditional lectionaries and liturgical calendars and accepted the new Vatican II lectionary and liturgical calendar.  Furthermore, many Protestant denominations that had neither a lectionary or liturgical calender before jumped on the bandwagon and accepted the Vatican II lectionary and liturgical calendar!

So its fairly clear that Vatican II was some kind of agreement between the Protestant and Catholic establishments to criss-cross their doctrine and practice.

It could have gone something like this:

Protestant Theologians: Ok, if you’ll accept faith alone and change the mass from a sacrifice to a meal, and drop transubstantiaion, we’ll accept some Catholic ritualism.

Then priest, later pope, Ratzinger (aka Benedict the 16th) at the council: Yes, very good. Here, you Protestants start using this liturgical calendar and lectionary, and we’ll do as you ask.  We’ll even sign a concord agreement with the Lutherans in 1999 saying “We believe in faith alone now too.”

Protestant Theologians: Excellent.  And after you are made pope, and then retire, your successor will help us to push homosexual marriage, yes?

Then priest, later pope, Ratzinger (aka Benedict the 16th) at the council: Of course, of course.

By the way, on the story they’re talking about in the video, they asked in the comment box, “Do you suppose the woman with the 8 C-sections really exists?”  My answer: Certainly not.  Its like the Sadducees with the woman who married 7 husbands and each one died without giving her a child.