Again, you make sin in justification the same thing as sin in sanctification. You make sin in sanctification sin against the law of condemnation. (PD from PPT)

Show me the phrase “law of condemnation” anywhere in Scripture outside of the Paulina. I’m not accusing Paul of Gnosticism. I’m just saying, let’s apply majority rule here. If its only taught in one verse in one book, let’s not use it as a bludgeon to demolish the overwhelming tenor of Scripture everywhere else. To do that is to do exactly what the Calvinists do. And the fact is that with all these subjects from the Pauline epistles (justification, Paul’s interpretation of the law’s purpose, etc.) you can’t find them anywhere but in Paul. 99% of the Bible is against these ideas. That FACT is not just going to disappear, not matter how inconvenient it is to Protestantism or to Baptistism trying to pretend to not be Protestant.

Sorry David, John 8:34-36 is Pauline soteriology to a T. (see: ). I could throw James in for good measure as well.

The problem with Pauline theology is NOT that Paul teaches OSAS, since he does NOT. The problem is that he can be easily misinterpreted as teaching justification by faith alone. But he can NEVER be misinterpreted honestly as teaching OSAS. So the fact that John 8:34-36 demolishes OSAS does not put it at odds with Pauline theology; in that, you are correct.

“Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Whosoever persists in sin is the servant of sin. And the servant does not abide in the house for ever: but the Son abides forever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”

But the Son only makes those free who actually bother to attempt to repent. Those who say “woohoo! OSAS!” and then willfully persist in sin claiming that Jesus died to enable them to willfully persist in sin, Jesus revokes whatever forgiveness they may have initially received from him (per the parable in Matthew 18 above about him revoking forgiveness due to persistence in sin) and they go to hell. In that not only do John and Matthew agree, but even Paul agrees; and not just the Paul of Acts and the Paul of the Pastorals, but even the epistular Paul agrees! Even the Paul of Romans/Galatians agrees. This is one thing in which we have the 100% consensus of the NT writers: OSAS is a false doctrine.