It is through PPT’s post A Reply to the Mommy-Saver Whitney Capps, and Her Open Letter Decrying Church Whiners that I became aware of the existence of this An Open Letter to All the People Writing (And Sharing) Open Letters About What’s Wrong with The Church.

Being part of a church that doesn’t fellowship the faith-alonist establishment means I don’t ever hear about this kind of stuff by word of mouth.  If it weren’t for certain blogs I visit, and mainly PPT, I wouldn’t even know about a lot of this type of stuff.

My initial reaction was:

She’s kind of cute, but she should read 1st Corinthians 11. And anyone about to read her diatribe or listen to a sermon by her (after reading 1st Corinthians 14) should sing that hymn first that says “I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.”

I mean based on the tiny picture, she looks Ok.  I imagine Calvinism is trotting her out in some lame attempt to keep guys on their side of things by her looks.  Well, they ain’t enough to pull that off.  So I’m sure their next step will be to hire some blonde bombshells.  But even they will lose their allure when they start preaching nonsense, won’t they?  Taylor Swift lost hers for me when she went all feminist (and when she started becoming a midriff slut).  All of that aside, let’s comment seriously on the diatribe if we can.

In my commenting on this diatribe by Whitney Capps I want to focus on this paragraph:

But here’s the thing, the Church’s existence doesn’t depend on Her success, relevance, statistics or Millennials. She has been preserved all these years by the grace and good pleasure of Jesus Christ. He sustains her. The Church’s challenges are not new. Believe it or not, generations have felt all your frustrations before. She has been irrelevant. She has been abusive. She has been wrong. She has been myopic. She has been manipulative, and yet He sustains Her.

So this is a feminist view of the church as a captial S “She” and a capital H “Her” as if the church is a Divine Person.  Like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are capitalized, now She and Her for the church are capitalized.  So the Calvinists are making the church into a Goddess.

She has been abusive. She has been wrong.

Rome has been abusive.  Rome has been wrong.  Geneva has been abusive.  Geneva has been wrong.  But neither of those are the real church.

This Calvinist institution that this wannabe babe is putting forth as the church is not the church, and that’s the problem.  If its abusive, wrong, and manipulative, its not the church.

Are we broken? To be sure. Can we improve? Without question. But the One who sustains also refines.

Stop with the homosexual lesbian LGBT abortionist buzzwords.  The Bible NEVER speaks of brokenness.  It doesn’t describe us as “broken toys.”  Put the LGBT vocabulary back in the gutter where it belongs and walk briskly away, Miss Capps. (I know she’s married, so it should be Mrs. Capps, but since she’s dishonoring her head with that short hair, we’ll pretend he doesn’t exist.)

I would love to see our generation become the one that cheers most loudly for the Church. The generation that sees her flaws but believes the best about Her. The generation that praises Her heart and Husband! The generation that says my faithfulness to the Church mirrors my faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The generation that loves not just the sexy church but also the struggling church. The generation that champions the Church. The generation that stops complaining and starts changing-our hearts, our churches and our culture.

Now all of the sudden the church is sexy?  Really? I told you, this is the feminist lesbian church that she worships as a Goddess.

The obvious question is, if you never complain about the status quo, how can you change it?  “Stop complaining and change hearts!”  Ok, so how do we do that without any complaining, exactly?

Your struggle is real. Your solution is wrong. As you struggle, pray. Ask the Lord to start a revival in your church. Talk with your leadership. Reach out to those in your local body. And stay. Stay close. Stay connected. Stay hopeful.

No.  Rather, fire your leadership and become the leaders yourselves.  After all, you’re supposed to “stop complaining and start changing hearts,” right?  So rather than complaining to the ineffective limp-wristed leadership, start leading people away from that leadership and to the truth.

PS:  Can’t you just imagine this being written by a Roman Catholic nun during the Protestant Reformation.  Sorry Prots, but what goes around comes around I guess.

I don’t know what she’s talking about here. Maybe the argument with her husband was over her lesbian haircut?

And here is the admission that Calvinism doesn’t lead to obedience.