A comment I made on this post Games Calvinists Play to Keep the System Breathing, Part Two months ago has been generating some animosity from a Calvinist Baptist fanatic against baptism recently.  His most recent argument is the famous Baptist attempt to split Mark 16:16 in half and twist it to their hellish desire to throw baptism away in their worship of Satan and John Calvin.

David, you need a verse that says ‘he that believeth but is not baptized shall be damned’ to prove that those who are not baptized shall be damned.

Baptism is the most foundational commandment of Christ. Its the first thing anyone who believes is commanded to do: Repent and be baptized. Its the first part of the great commission given as a response by the one who accepts the gospel. “Go make disciples, baptizing them…” The first thing the respondent does is be baptized. Therefore it is immediately obvious that anyone who rejects baptism does not really believe. So the statement “he that believeth not shall be damned” covers those who reject baptism.

In any case, my comment that sparked it all was this one:

Calvinism absolutely contradicts the gospel because the gospel is for “whosoever will” and thus affirms the reality of freewill. Jesus also commands repentance, which Calvinism spits on. And Jesus doesn’t teach waiting around for God to zap you with an enabling grace, but rather “seek ye first the kingdom of God” and whosoever will let him COME…not let him wait to be dragged in.

I didn’t even actually mention baptism…but they instantly know when you mention freewill that baptism is coming, because when you mention freewill they know that you are a person who actually follows the Bible rather than Augustine, Luther, and Calvin.