This Catholic guy’s “documentary” on the Protestant doctrine of forensic justification makes many of the same points as Paul Dohse over at Paul’s Passing Thoughts.  But I would like to see the two debating the points on which they disagree, because although Dohse says that Protestantism is a false gospel because it denies the rebirth and says righteousness is purely alien and outside of us, he nonetheless continues those very doctrines (denial of the new birth and separation of righteousness from us as something alien) by making a distinction or drawing a hard line between justification and sanctification (or as this guy terms it in his analogy, “locking them in different classrooms“). Pay particular attention to his diagram of the two classrooms with the fat red line dividing them, and compare it to Dohse’s constant alien righteousness diagram. (Notice also how 1 John 1:7-9 is the ultimate death nail to not only Piper’s but Dohse’s systems.)

Dohse’s alien righteousness diagram:

Dohse's alien righteousness diagram:

Dohse’s alien righteousness diagram:

Dohse attacks Calvinists/Protestants for believing what is found in this diagram, namely the separation of justification and sanctification, but he teaches the exact same thing. How can he justify that? (Pardon the pun)

See John Calvin: Gnostic Extraordinaire for an example of Dohse using this diagram and bashing Protestants for believing it; and see What Your Sanctification Says About Your Justification: Is Your Gospel True or False? for an example of him nonetheless teaching exactly the same thing!

This is the same as the Catholic guy’s “two classrooms” diagram, which perfectly diagrams Dohse’s separation of justification and sanctification. The only difference is the use of a man vs a classroom on either side.