Every since Argo posted a post on how stupid he thought the flat earth conspiracy theory was, I’ve been watching a ton of videos on it on youtube. But also I’ve started paying attention to the moon nightly. I’ve noticed clouds behind the moon….AND….that the unilluminated part of the moon looks transparent, in that at night its black and during the day its blue, same color as the sky.  So it got me wondering, if clouds go behind the moon when its not a full moon (i’ve so far only seen them myself, that I can remember, behind a FULL moon) then would the unilluminated part of the moon really be transparent? would the clouds behind the moon be visible through that blue spot on the moon?  So I scowered youtube to see if there was a video showing such a thing, and there is.

Warning, the guy uses the F-word several times and the N-word in his sign off phrase. But you don’t need the sound on to enjoy this awesome quirk of nature that totally proves NASA and Science are full of crap.  ENJOY!!!!