A comment I posted on The Gospel Project’s article The Temple Was Completed which will never see the light of day:


For those not interested in reading the article this is a response to. Basically after rambling about how he can’t relate to his kid who plays Star Wars Battlefront (the original on PS2 and PC in the Windows XP days was really good by the way, although I know nothing about the new one), and then finally somehow that segways into talking about the temple (weird, right?) and finally the author spins the usually line about the temple typifying Christ, and ultimately comes to the statement: “Help your kids see the importance of the temple and how it pointed to Jesus.”  Yes, please, teach your kids that God didn’t originally want Jesus but finally allowed us to have Jesus because we wouldn’t shut up about wanting him, because that’s what happened with the temple, so its time to rethink your “the temple prefigures Jesus” mal-theology….or is it?