When I was probably 16, I began going to religious discussion forums online.  Places like Baptist Boards, and Christians Forums.  Even had my own board on 11o’clock forums for a while before it got hacked, and they closed down.  It was the golden age of discussion forums, before blogs came, and went. (Yes, I think blogs are more or less dead now, since google shut down the Blogsearch, and since the idiotic invention of Patheos, very little discussion goes on in blog comboxes compared to before.)

But I want to talk about the aging of religious discussion forums online.  They’re still there. Baptist Boards is still online, as is Christian Forums.  But basically the only discussion going on there seems to be mickey mouse stuff, and morons arguing that homosexuality is ok with other morons actually bothering to argue with those heretics.  Its like these places are only for millenials, and not millenials anywhere close to my age (I’m in my mid 30s), but the much younger ones, 20s, teenagers. Losers and idiots.

So in trying to find an online outlet for discussing some theology, the only place I’ve found aside from the youtube combox, which is way too hard, is Carm Forums.  Yes, Carm, the Calvinist Nazi site that is all about calling everyone who doesn’t worship John Calvin a cultist and every group that doesn’t bow the knee and confess that John Calvin is Lord to the glory of Predestination is a cult.  That place.  The last discussion forum for any serious religious discussion seems to be their forum!

But why?  My guess, its the only place actual adults (i.e. over 30) still post.

And for those more than perhaps 4 years younger than me, they grew up with such a dumbed down Christianity, they don’t even have the slightest clue what Christianity is.