I have for the next week or so at least stickied an old post from 2014, Calvinists have no anthropology, says Eastern Orthodox guy….and he’s right. (Actually I decided to unpin it, as linking it here is enough.)

I think its an interesting point to consider with regard to Calvinsism, how one-sided and unphilosophical their superstition and heresy which they refer to as anthropology is:

“Man is fallen and depraved and can’t do nuffin right.” What about when someone rescues a baby from a burning building?

“If they don’t have faith in Jesus, its a sin.” How can saving a baby from a burning building be a sin?

“Everything that is not of faith is sin.” That verse is talking about people who eat meat (that was possibly offered to idols) without being fully convinced its Ok to do, meaning the “faith” there is not “faith in Christ” but faith as in being completely persuaded what they are about to do is right.

“Heretics! [Some crap about the Westminster Confession.]” Is anyone less scholarly than Calvinists?

And then, do they even think? I mean, really, at all?  Any thinking person can see there is more to humanity than fallenness or brokeness or other stupidity Calvinists spout.  Jesus himself said that a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil things. (Calvinists must run and hide from that saying!)  Clearly Jesus was way more balanced than Calvinism.  But anyone with a functioning brain is though.  Calvinists are not intellectuals; they’re just knuckledraggers.