We’ve all heard that Calvinist accusation that a theology that believes God wants people to obey his moral law and live morally is “man-centered” while a theology that says God just wants you believe in Jesus’ sacrifice and then “sin boldly” like a lunatic is God-centric.

Apparently, the concept of “centric” to them means only “who gets the glory.”  If man can do anything at all that in any way influences or causes his salvation in the slightest, somehow he takes all the glory (according to Calvinists) and that’s the only problem to be concerned with (according to Calvinists).

Whereas a sane person will see that how you behave is the bigger issue than who gets the glory, and that “centric” ought to be understood more as who gets to set the parameters for behavior: God or man.

In other words, being “man-centric” in a negative sense is to allow man to do whatever they want and still be saved;  whereas being “God-centric” means that man has to follow God’s moral law or forfeit any hope of ultimate salvation.

Meaning, Calvinists are trying to confuse people by defining “centric” with reference to “glory” rather than “obedience.”  In the Calvinistic system, God gets “all the glory” because God is depicted as obeying man; but in the non-Calvinistic system man gets some of the glory because man is obeying God.