Pope Francis: “Who am I to judge?” (literal quote when asked about homosexuality)

Putin: “I will judge.” (not a literal quote, but based on his policy banning “homosexual propaganda”)

Conservative American Protestants: “Putin is a good man. I wish he was President over here rather than that Kenyan.”

Dumb American Catholics: “Putin is evil. He’s going to blow up the Vatican because no pope ever consecrated Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary.”

Isn’t that interesting? Who is living in the real world and who is living in a fantasy world?

By the way, if you were watching CNN at lunchtime on Wednesday you would have seen Obama’s speech before the UN (I think it was before the UN) saber rattling against Russia.  A speech CNN offered no commentary on when it was over but moved directly to covering the Malaysian airplane crash ad nauseam.  A speech which no news program has mentioned since!

In said speech, Obama referred to himself as “a son of Kenya,” saying “I am speaking as a son of Kenya: no big nation has a right to bully a smaller nation.”  This immediately will make you think of how hypocritical this is considering the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he immediately adds “Even in Iraq and Afghanistan we did not annex them. They have their own sovereignty today.”  As if that makes it any different really.  After all, neither Iraq nor Afghanistan invited the US in.  But Crimea asked Russia in.  They wanted to secede from Ukraine, and they even voted on it.  Its totally different.  But in any case…..He also said “This is not the cold war. The US and Europe will protect our allies.”  (I never knew the tiny insignificant country of “Ukraine” was a US ally.)  But most importantly, the self-identified “Son of Kenya,” or as I would rather call him, the Kenyan Manchild, also said:

“WE SHOULD NOT BE ATTACKING OUR GAY AND LESBIAN FRIENDS.” (Obama, Kenyan Manchild, illegitimate president pretender and New World Order operative in secret speech the media is hiding from you)

In other words, to the US government and the European Union, to the New World Order, in other words, to NATO (the military wing of the New World Order), the only thing that Ukraine is about is punishing Putin for not pushing their gay agenda.