Something I rediscovered on an old defunct blog (of mine) you can only get to via the internet archive:

From an eschatological view that takes into account the fact that Paul thought the second coming was going to happen in his lifetime and wrote and preached accordingly, the elect means nothing but those believers who will “be alive and remain” at his coming, It means only the eschatological generation. Paul, of course, turned out to be wrong about when the second coming was going to take place, and the expectation had to be pushed into the super-distant future by the later generations of the church; there is no reason why the corresponding notion of the elect should not be dropped as another mistake from Paul’s mistaken eschatological views.

What do you think? Was this musing from back in 2013 correct on the meaning of “the elect”?  I agreed with it back then, but today I’m not sure. I’ll be re-reading the Pauline epistles soon. I guess I’ll let you know.