A Calvinist says (at Your Testimony is Boring, in the comments):

ALL of mans righteousness is like filthy rags.

My response:

Isaiah was writing to the Jewish nation in a time when they sought righteousness exclusively through ceremony. Read Isaiah 1. Its very clear. And thus he writes to them in their historical situation “all our righteousness is filthy rags”–well, of course, a righteousness entirely sought in ritual and ceremony is certainly filthy rags. This is why he recalls them to morality and to start keeping the moral side of the law too, “cleanse your hands ye sinners; purify your hearts ye double-minded” and so on. All man’s righteousness is NOT filthy rags, and we are called in Jesus Christ to live lives of righteousness. Paul says it over and over, but you Calvinists always miss it because you never pay attention to context, because you want to believe the lie of “Jesus died so I can sin more more more and still go to heaven.” You rejected the knowledge of the truth because you want to sin. Repent before its too late.

The thing is, Calvinists are too ignorant to even know that Paul was quoting from Isaiah (Isa 64:6) and that he took it massively out of context.

[I’m reasonably certain Paul quoted this out of context but I’m having trouble finding it right now. I know he quotes and mangles a lot of similar passages from Psalms and Proverbs out of context in Romans 3….does he not quote this one too?  Somebody help me out.]

BTW, we both originally misspelled “is” as “if” — LOL.